To Camp and Back

Classic Mountain Hunts is located 3.5 hours from both the Calgary and Edmonton international Airports. We will be there to welcome you to Alberta and we will be with you until we you board your plane for your flight home. 

Personalized touch

Upon Arriving at the airport, One of the Classic Mountain Hunts Crew will be there to greet you. You will then make a stop on the way to our cabins to purchase your hunting licenses. We do ask you arrive One full day before your hunting start date. this allows  time for the drive, time to relax and to organize your things for the ride into camp the following morning. When it’s time to go home, Corey will prepare your trophy for the trip. Your hunting license will act as your export permit, so keep it with you. You will simply claim your animal as luggage. From the time you step off the plane until you get back on …… we will be there.

Back-country camps or Cabins

 Our back-country camps are traditional western style, with canvas wall tents & wood heat. Everything is packed into camp on horseback. So, soft duffel bags are suggested as your luggage. Your Rifle will be placed in a scabbard on the saddle and you can ride in with your back pack on if you are comfortable doing so. If hunting with a bow a sturdy case is easily packed on the horses. 

If you will be hunting from our cabins, You will still get that back-country feeling. Our cabins are rustic in style, each with two double beds, small kitchen set up, wood and propane heated. Along with breathtaking mountain views.