Useful info and tips


Crossing into Canada

Crossing into Canada either by air or land you will a valid passport and where you will be staying. Classic Mountain Hunts Nordegg Alberta Box 32 T0M 2H0. 

Possible refusal of Entry into Canada

 If you have had any type of criminal charge or conviction on your record, even if you have come to Canada previously, it is best to notify your outfitter . There are steps that can be taken to ensure you will not have any problems.

Hunting eligibility

You may not obtain any hunting licenses if you have received a hunting license suspension.  All youth under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to hunt with a firearm. 

Legal Firearms & forms

You are allowed to bring eligible firearms with you into Canada. Refer to the Canadian Firearms Program website for definitions of non-restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms. No hand guns will be allowed. A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form must be completed to obtain a temporary Canadian Firearms Permit. ( RCMP 5589 / CAFC 909) You will need this to bring your firearm into Canada. You can find this form at Non-residents can import 200 rounds of ammunition duty-free for personal use and/or hunting purposes. 

Alberta Weather !!

Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot , We'll weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like it or not.  Truly only fools predict the weather conditions you will encounter here. WE can tell you what last year was like and the year before. Hunting seasons here you will find yourself in need of all types of layers from summer temperatures right over to cold blowing winter conditions. Extra socks, extra foot wear, Good Good rain gear. You can always leave things in your cabin but its hard to bring into camp what you don't have. 

Currency exchange

Number one is to let your credit card companies know you will be traveling. You will always get the best exchange rates by using your credit cards. There is nothing wrong with traveling or using your U.S cash but beware most smaller towns will not want to accept it. Be sure not to cross the border with over 9999.99. 



While on your Hunt we very much ask you concentrate on your Hunt. With todays technology, We never have to be out of contact for very long from our daily lives. We understand you have taken off precious time to hunt with us. We also find those distracted by multiple calls each day have a much harder time being successful and keeping up with the hunt. Classic Mountain Hunts use INREACH devises. These devises are used for all the guides to communicate with each other with base camp and our cabins. They are also our means of emergency rescue and assistance if required. You are more than welcome to make use of these devises to keep in contact with your home. To make sure all know you are still safe 

Transporting/ exporting your harvest

In Alberta, it is not allowed for anyone else to be in possession of your harvested animal without your specific written permission. There is a specific transfer of possession form that will need to be filled out if for whatever reason you need to leave your animal with your outfitter before it is processed. 

Classic Mountain Hunts Corey can process your animal for travel and packaging. There is no additional charge for this. Classic Mountain Hunts will also prepare your animal for the flight home in a manner that is acceptable by the airlines. Be sure to not loose your hunting license,  as this will be your export permit. 

Purchase of your hunting licenses once you arrive

In order to obtain a hunting license when you arrive you will need a W.I.N number. (wildlife identification number) This can be obtained either on-line at  or at the same time as you purchase your hunting licenses. This WIN number is valid for five years from date of purchase. If you loose or forget your card, the outlet can do a search with your drivers license number.

Travel and cancellation Insurance

It is in your best interest to purchase travel insurance and cancellation insurance. You can speak with Corey or contact your booking agent for more information.  

MOST Importantly

Please review our “Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability Agreement” before your arrival. You will be asked to sign it before you hunt begins.