Classic mountain hunts Policies & Waiver

Terms and Conditions: All Hunts are fair chase with no guarantee of success. Classic Mountain Hunts does not control Mother Nature and cannot be held accountable for such acts. Classic Mountain hunts reserves the right to cancel the hunt at any time for safety violations, ethics and or better judgment.  It is understood that the client shall divulge any personal medical issues to Classic Mountain Hunts, so guides may prepare for all possible situations. Any effects that the clients’ medical condition(s) have on the client during the hunt are solely the responsibility of the client.

What is included:  Accommodations during your hunt plus a day ahead and a behind, guides, meals while hunting, Preparation of animal / meat for travel, Transportation to and from airport.

What is not included: International airfare, tips for guide(s), shipment of trophies. i.e. CITIES and extra baggage fees, Hunting Licenses and Tags for your animal being hunted, Wolf license ($28.77) W.I.N certificate ($8.00) G.S.T. on cost of hunt (5%) all amounts are in Canadian funds.

LIABILITY: Classic Mountain Hunts assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss, expense, damage, accident, delay, inconvenience, injury or death, which results directly or indirectly from any act or failure to act, whether negligent or otherwise, of any such hunt provided and or any provider of transportation, lodging, and other services. Client agrees that Client shall be solely responsible for the cost of accommodations and associated transportation for any overnight stays en route caused by bad weather and or transportation company’s scheduling problems, over booking, cancellations or other events beyond the control of Classic Mountain Hunts

CANCELLATION OF TRIP: Classic Mountain Hunts strongly recommends you purchase trip cancellation insurance, because your down payment is your guarantee that you will show up and as such; the outfitters / guide who accepts the down payment guarantees to provide services. All deposits are non-refundable. Sometimes a down payment can be deferred for another year or if a replacement hunter can be found to re pay your deposit to you. A cancellation fee of 15% of the gross of the hunt may be charged. It can be impossible and costly to find a replacement hunter depending on the notice of cancellation. AT SOME POINT IN TIME, ALL PAYMENTS BECOME TOTALLY NON-REFUNDABLE! Please discuss this with the outfitter personally. IF YOU MUST CANCEL....It will depend heavily on when you cancel. Since down payments are non-refundable, we recommend cancellation insurance. Should the hunt be canceled by the client, the client can recover the value by finding another qualified hunter to fill in, upon the approval of Classic Mountain Hunts.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: 1/3rd deposit is required to reserve hunt (non-refundable), 1/3rd interim payment and the remaining balance is due 31 days before the hunt begins. Deposit, Interim and final payments requirements can vary. Discuss this with outfitter before you book! A deposit is required at the time of signing hunting reservation contract. This ensures the particular hunt is saved for you alone. And the interim payment is generally required six to eight months prior to your hunt date. The remaining balancing owing on your hunt is required to be paid 31 days in advance of your arrival date for you hunt. 

Completion of contract: Classic Mountain Hunts Reservation Contract is considered complete and binding when a Classic Mountain Hunts representative has signed in pen. Client must first sign reservation contract in pen and send back to Classic Mountain Hunts with their deposit for their hunt. A signed and binding copy will be sent back to purchaser by regular post mail or e-mail.


Classic Mountain Hunts Waiver and Release of Liability

This Agreement is a legally binding contract between the under signed and the owners’ operators, employees, agents, associates, and volunteers of 19092880 Alberta Inc. operating as Classic Mountain Hunts, herein referred to as “Classic Mountain Hunts”. The undersigned accepts the responsibility to obtain and carry antiquate medical / travel insurance to cover any medical attention that may be required. That Classic Mountain Hunts, Guide Outfitter, employees of, agents or associates are not responsible for any costs pertaining to medical expenses and transportation incurred before during or after the guided tour. Classic Mountain Hunts will make no refunds for acts of Nature or God or events out of their control which may interfere with the undersigned activities. 

Assumption of Risks

The undersigned hereby acknowledges the hunting, horseback, fishing, camping, photography or any other guided tour provided by Classic Mountain Hunts, it`s employees, agents, volunteers and associates, involve risks and dangers which are inherent to wilderness travel. Including but not limited to hazards of traveling by motorized vehicle, on horseback, by air, by boat; being exposed to the elements of nature; being in areas where hunters and wild animals are likely to be present; including hazards arising from accidents, acts of God, illness and forces of nature. Weather conditions can change at any time and sometimes may be dangerous; Negligence by other riders and or the undersigned; Negligence on the part of property owner(s) and or Classic Mountain Hunts; I understand and acknowledge that no amount of caution, experience or instruction can eliminate all of the risks involved and I freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage and damages of loss resulting there-from.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement

The participant hereby agrees to hold Classic Mountain Hunts harmless and indemnify them against any and all claims, damages, suits, causes or action of damages and costs and legal expenses of any nature thereof arising from injury to a person or property or loss of life sustained by the undersigned. The undersigned also agrees that Classic Mountain Hunts shall not be liable for any personal injuries or damages to any goods, wares, or property regardless of how such injuries or damages may be caused. The undersigned further accepts and assumes all risks of personal injury, death, loss or damage of property while participating in the said guided excursion, including any negligence of Classic Mountain Hunts, their employees, agents and or associates.  

The undersigned acknowledges that this agreement and any rights, duties and obligations as between the parties to this agreement shall be governed solely in accordance within Alberta Canada and no other jurisdiction; and any litigation involving the parties to this agreement shall be brought solely within Alberta Canada and shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Alberta Canada. Process in any action or proceeding referred to in the preceding sentences may be served on any party anywhere in the world. 

Permission to publish

The undersigned allows the use of any photograph, video, or other such image taken at the time of participating to be used by Classic Mountain Hunts. This may include but is not limited to the use of such media in a public domain such as internet, brochures and or other marketing materials. I acknowledge these images are the property of Classic Mountain Hunts.